At baerjewels we strive since 1988 to delight our customers with distinctive and unique jewelry designs, skillfully crafted with high quality gems and precious metals.Swiss native Peter Baer, a qualified goldsmith, award winning designer and gemologist, carefully designs and manufactures the sophisticated artworks together with a qualified artisan team in our own workshop in Hong Kong. At the same time, his Swiss wife Doris ensures the high standard of customer services and inspires the designs with her femininity and intuition. With our luxurious artworks we aim to emphasize the unique individuality of our valued customers and to indulge the fantasy of the beholder.

We achieve this through unique, sophisticated designs, technical brilliance, cutting edge craftsmanship and high quality materials. The pure elegance and stylish simplicity of our gems are truly timeless and abduct the contemplator on a journey through time and cultures. Our goal is achieved when the baerjewels come alive on the skin of the person who has the pleasure to wear them…

As for the past two decades, we continue to put our heart and soul into our creations and are passionate about constantly finding new ways to delight and surprise our customers with exclusive masterpieces of wearable art.


The baerjewels collection is as unique and diverse as our customers. To ensure this uniqueness and to guarantee continuous customer satisfaction, we have developed our own stone cutting technique and are specialized in stone sourcing.Besides the design and production of the baerjewels collection, we also take pride in creating custom made jewelry on request.Our customers can observe our artisans at work and are enabled to follow the genesis of our masterpieces in our duplex showroom and workshop in the heart of Central.

Our gems reflect an insatiable passion for beauty, perfection, boundless creativity, innovation and the philosophy of duality: East meets West, discrete yet powerful, modern yet timeless – truly art – you – wear…

Assure yourself and indulge your fantasies by viewing our signature creations.